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If you want to submit an article (in English, German, French, Russian, Polish, or Serbo-Croatian (Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian)), please use our document template, which you can download here, and follow the style guide included in the template:
Article template for Die Welt der Slaven (dotx, 51 kB)
Then submit your article by e-mail to redaktion@weltderslaven.de. We will then initiate a single-blind peer review.

Book reviews

Book reviews are accepted only after prior consultation with us via redaktion@weltderslaven.de. Here as well, please use our document template:
Book review template for Die Welt der Slaven (dotx, 26 kB)
Note also § 3 (4) of our Code of Conduct.

Collective volumes and thematic focuses

If you would like to propose a thematic focus in an issue of our journal (max. 100 pages) or to edit a collective volume in the series Sammelbände/Сборники, please contact the editors.

Review copies

We gladly accept review copies, preferably after prior consultation. However, we cannot be obliged to publish a review or return the copy.

Code of Conduct

The journal Die Welt der Slaven has adopted a Code of Conduct:

Editors’ responsibilities

§ 1. The editors are responsible for securing that

  1. the quality of the journal is maintained;
  2. freedom of opinion is preserved;
  3. scientific misconduct does not occur;
  4. no inappropriate economic or other factors influence the content of the journal;
  5. if required, corrections, rectifications, revocations, and apologies are printed;
  6. the data exchanged in the review process are kept confidential;
  7. the journal generally satisfies the needs of authors and readers.

Anonymous review

§ 2. The editors ensure that all articles accepted for publication have been evaluated by two reviewers in a single-blind peer review process, and take every possible effort to preserve the anonymity of the reviewers. The reviewers decide about acception or rejection of the articles on the basis of these reviews.

Conflict of interest

§ 3. (1) When choosing reviewers it is taken care that they are neither affiliated with the same institution as any of the authors nor have a conflict of interest according to the criteria of the German Research Foundation.

(2) The editors do not make decisions about articles submitted by colleagues from their own institution or with which they have a conflict of interest. In such cases, the decision is made by a different editor or a member of the advisory board.

(3) If an editor wants to publish in the journal, the review process is handled by a different editor or a member of the advisory board.

(4) The journal does not publish reviews about books that have been written or edited by one of the editors or that were published in a series overseen by one of the editors or in the same publishing house as the journal (i.e. Harrassowitz).

Time flow

§ 4. (1) All tasks are performed within the designated time. The journal is published in time every January and July. Should there be delays, the authors are immediately informed about them.

(2) The editors communicate with the authors in an efficient and respectful manner. For times of leave and other absences of the editors substitutions are arranged to make sure that the authors do not experience a degradation of service.


§ 5. The whole process of review and publication will be organized in a transparent and structured way. The authors will be informed about it comprehensively prior to publication.

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